Monday, June 12, 2006


I was down with cough since last monday...
And then came flu after a few days.

As predicted that the flu will come
I went to see the doctor at NUS's wellness centre on tuesday since I wasn't working.
It was only mild cough that day.
So, saw the doctor and she gave me cough tablets instead of syrup cos it's sweet.
In all, I only got 1 prescription for seeing the doctor on that day.

But the tablets din help at all.
Went for Kbox session on wednesday and had burger and chips.
My throat really hurt after that.
Thursday went out with fifi to popular to get assessment books for tutition.
Went back home, had dinner and slept after that.
Was that bad.

Finally, on sat I went to see the doctor at Ployclinic.
Quite a long wait.
The doctor was slow in between patients.
Went in, told the doctor that i had cough and flu, and came out.
Less than 5 minues.
I got more medicine from the ployclinic visit.
Cough syrup, flu tablets, sore throat "sweet" and Vitamin C tablets.

I think I prefer cough syrup to pills.
and i think i'm getting better.

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