Thursday, September 28, 2006

Did i make the right choice?????

I just had my 5th committee meeting as the president of the 38th Management Committee.
Really begin to think whether i had really made the right choice by running in the committee again.
I wanted to try for Presidency and I got it.
But i din expect my committee to be like this.
No matter how hard i tried, i just can't get the things into their heads.

At certain point during my office, i had wanted to give up and quit.
But my inner self has reframe me from doing so cos of the future of NUSPS.
I din quit cos I want to lead the society into a brighter land.
I tried to lead the committee.
Some how, they are stuck to the ground by some strong magentic and refused to move on.
Expect for a "few".

At every meeting, I almost repeat the same thing all over again to them.
Hoping that one day, they will get it into their BRAINS.
The seniors are telling me not to give up and I need to give them more time.
It's been 5 meetings and still no sign of improvements???

All these are very taxing on me.
I'm getting more and more troubled and stessed very tiem i try to think about the next agenda and think about what to say to the committee.


I've reached my breakdown stage.
Really, really, really want to find some place and hide there and cry.
Cry for long time...
And I can feel that it will come very soon.

I never thought that it will be so stressful.
Perhaps I'm just too stressed about my Quantum Mechanics test and so many lab reports I've yet to finish typing.
I haven't even had proper time to sit down during my term break (now) to study....


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