Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jazz@Southbridge - James Flynn

I never knew how cool Jazz@Southbridge was until Gerald invited me to join him to watch a special performance by James Flynn.
Jazz@Southbrige, I would called it a jazz pub.
Today was my first time there and I enjoyed the place very much.
It's not that noisy like the other pubs where groups are fighting over the noise level for their friends to hear them.
Jazz@SB is relaxing and easy for the ears and mouth.
There's no deafening music blasting away.
There's no need to shout across the table.
Just sit back on the couch and enjoy the music.

Cloud painting - waves. Just when I left home.

Jazz@SB menu. They got vietman dishes in there Derek!

James Flynn and the musicians (piano, base and drums).

I'm so going back to Jazz@SB when I have the chance.

Jazz-ing away,


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