Monday, October 17, 2005

Bored during lecture...

I'm now at Beng's calculus lecture....
So sian...
He's talking about integration by parts and techinques of integration.
Something i already learnt duing my As...

I'm quite worried about my basic of maths test.
Dunno how i well i had done????

Just got back my group assignment for my english module.
The tutor said i did very well.
Got 56/80.
Actually, it was not a pair work at all.
My partner did not do anything, so my tutor told me to leave out his name.
Thus, this is my own assignment.
This is reality...

Onli 50 min into the calculus lecture.
Still got another 1 hour more to go.

I am so lost in my basic of maths work.
To think that i'm able to do the sample paper for the test and then it turned out that the quiz was so different from the sample paper.
So what was the use of the sample paper?
To revise the concepts??? and then don't know how to apply to the quiz???

Finally finish my physics online assignment.
Just remember this morning.
And i didn't really prepare for my physics tutorial today.

OH well....
enjoying the LT aircon.


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