Saturday, October 29, 2005

Basic of Mathematics

I've got a very interesting lecturer for BAsic of Mathematics.
Chris says he's like doing a fashion show.
Everyone will always look forward to each lecture.
To see what he wears for lecture.
All different combinations.
None of them is repeated.
Really like fashion show...

Yesterday was the official last lecture.
I was in the LT very early.
Got a shock when Prof Tay came in.
He was in a Hawaii outfit.
Bright red flowery top and shorts.
Like he had just come back from Hawaii.
Nothing unusual during the first half of the lecture.
Then came the 10 min break.

As usual, he went out
Don't know to do what.
But when he came back,
The whole LT very surprised.
Prof Tay came back wearing a straw hat...
Ha ha ha...
Everyone clapped...
Camera phones all out to take picture of him.
He doesn't seem to mind what we are doing.
He's cool man!!!!
Never seen such a lecturer, so daring to wear loud and even weird clothes to lecture.
Wonder what will the other students think as he walked back to the LT from his office???

Once, he came in after the break wearing sunglasses...
Interesting lecturer we have here in NUS.
A Teaching Awardee every year...
He's the best in this semester!!!!!


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