Saturday, December 27, 2008


I think a lot.
Every moment, I'm thinking.
And I feel that my thinking is much better than my physical self.
I think about everything.
Love, relationship, life, family, myself, surroundings...
My thoughts are like sudden inspirations.
They come and go in just a click.
To me, thinking is a way of talking to myself.
My thoughts are little secret blog entries inside me.
But, the entries are not recoverable.
Unless I pen them down as I think.
That is why, I don't like to reveal my unhappy feelings.
When I'm feeling down, I think a lot.
I think about memories that triggered the unhappiness.
Is this good or bad?


Friday, December 26, 2008


Love is such a complicated feeling/ word/ action, whichever applicable to you.
It is a simple word but it carries many deep thinking.

When we say  "I love someone", what does it carry?
What Love means to me is different to what Love means to you.
How different is Love to Fancy, Like?
Is it the depth of feeling?
Or it's just the power of the word?

The Love world is so complicated.
Complicated, that I cannot find a way into that world.
Complicated, that I cannot understand the way it works.

We have heard of the song L.O.V.E.
Each letter of the word Love represents something.
O - ONLY one
V - VERY extraordinary
E - EVEN more

What exactly is Love?

Is it wrong to love someone?

Finding Love,

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holga Roll Six

Not so new roll from my holga.
Was waiting for me to get a film scanner to scan them into softcopy.
Finally, it's here.

Hopefully, I can start on my b/w roll soon.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Light Leaks!

What is light leak?
Light leak refers to exposure of undeveloped film to light.
Light leaks can be accidental or on purpose.

And... My roll of film just happened to have accidental light leak!
It happened when I was trying to rewind the film back into the canister.
First timer!

The rest of the images can be found here.


Sunday, December 07, 2008

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008

I finished my very first long run today.
10km at the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2008.
Starting at the Esplanade bridge at the traffic junction at Fullerton Hotel, I began my run with the ESPN tv crew at the top filming the event.

I managed to find a friend who was running alone.
That gives me a running partner.

The morning weather was rather nice.
Just nice and warm with breeze now and then.

Flagging the women's race at 0815, we ran down the CBD area toward Prince Edward Rd exit, round the marina bay station, up the ECP towards Rochor Rd exit, turn in at suntec, turning left to the F1 pitstop, pass the Singapore Flyer and Esplande, back to the Esplanade bridge and then finally right turn towards City Hall building, the finishing line.

Along the way, we had our own fun. Jogging and walking, the drinks stations and not forgetting time for short photo taking.
*Pictures from Pei Suen's hp.*

At the starting pen.

On the ECP with Flyer at the background and cars zooming past right behind us.

We made it! Past the Finishing line.

Our champion-chips on our shoes.

Us with our medals.

My Finisher's Medal [Front]

My Finisher's Medal [Back]

Finishing time:  1:47:07
That's 13 minutes faster than my minimum target finishing time of 2hr or more.


Friday, December 05, 2008

Fresh from the lab

If you consider the waiting + travelling + scanning time, then it's not so fresh from the lab.
Anyway, I've managed to finish the roll of film inside my FM2.
The film is about 1 month old inside my camera.
And since I'm down near Chinatown area, might as well just finish it and sent for developing.
Here are some of the images fresh from the scanner.

Classroom wall under reno.

Looking up.

The lonely man.

Fly away...

This uncle gave me a thumbs up after I shot him. :)

I'm still not used to using my new scanner.
And I get rather frustrated when it does not detect my frames properly (especially those shot from my Holga) >.<

More of the images can be found here.

Click click click,

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Standard Chartered 2008 Race Entry Pack Collection

It was a horrible experience in collecting the race pack.
Arriving at noon at the Expo,
I was greeted by the long queue outside Hall 5, the collection hall.
I joined the queue at near the half of Hall 6.
Then more crowd came and the queue behind me got longer, very long.
Apparently, there's also a big crowd inside the hall waiting in different queues to collect the race pack.
So they are waiting for the crowd inside to clear before allowing the next batch of crowd to enter.
And so I queued outside for about 30min to 45min.
Luckily, one of the officials came out to call for those taking part in the 10km run.
That cuts my queuing up outside the hall, waiting to get in.
But entering the hall at the 10km lane was another 30min-45min of queuing up.
Actually, the queue inside the hall could be much faster if not for those office people who helped dunno how many people collect the race pack. They held up the service time at the counter and the adjacent counter had already served a few participants.

Finally, I got my race pack, bib and running shirt about about 2pm.
That's like 2 hr since I started queuing up.
After that checked out the sports expo next door.

I like the way they pack the bib, champion-chip and safety pins into 1 nice ziplock bag.

10km this sunday.
Target finish time: 2hr +
Go! Go! Go!


Sucky Contribute CS4

it's getting sucky using contribute cos I had force quit the software on my mac like 4 times just now to get it working.
or is it the apple report that makes the software works?

Contribute doesn't make contribution easy, rather it makes contribution more frustrating.

contribute what?!?!?!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Trial entry via Contribute CS4

Woohoo, I just got Adobe CS4 install in my MacBookPro.
And I'm testing a blog entry via Contribute CS4, one of the software in the package.

I'm now typing directly onto my blog, skipping all the new post section that we will see when we want to insert a new entry.
this looks cool.
but hitting the 'enter' button gives me 2 lines down instead of 1.
that I have to solve using the shift button.

oh... the software allows me to embed PDF documents here to.
but i wonder how will my viewers dl the PDF files? hmm...

tempted to get the CS4?



Friday, November 28, 2008

Rollercoaster ride in Batam

I reached Batam at noon in batam time.
That's equivalent to 1pm Singapore time.
I'm in Batam for a camp.
I've been joining this camp for many years and have gone to a few places.
From a camper to group leader and now, I'm just helping out in some of the camp stuff.
2 years ago as a photographer, this year as a IT support person.

Anyway I'm back in Batam for the 2nd time.
1st time was with Gerald and Kelvin for sightseeing and spa.

Sitting 2 rows behind the coach driver was a time of roller coaster ride.
The driver was speeding thru a 2 lane road rather congested with cars, trucks and snaky  motorbikers.
What's worst was that we past by a school and it happened to be the release time for the students.
Imaging the numerous students zooming out with their bikes and driving "dangerously" on the small laned roads.

Snap once

2nd shot right after the above (that's about 3s later)

That's how fast the drive caught up with the log truck.
I could see the speedometer so I don't know exactly wht sped he was driving at.
But from the gear box, the bus seems to be going at 5th gear (there's a 6th gear if I din see wrongly)

4 hours of R&R this year. woot!
And we are going to have seafood on the 2nd night at the seafood place next to the hotel.

Hotel name: Golden View Hotel
Seafood place: Golden Prawn 555

oh... the kuei lapis from Batam is cheap.
I bought one box (normal cake box) at SGD$12.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

SITEX 2008 buy: Epson V500

I don't usually buy big stuff from computer fairs.
This time, I've got my $400 worth of Learning Development Scheme (LDS) fund to claim.
That allows me to get something for myself.
It was great news to know that item I wanted to get is just nice for my $400 claim.
Presenting Epson V500:
(Images are taken using a trial studio setup)

Frontal shot

Top shot

Scanning glass

120mm film adaptor

35mm film adaptor

Haven't officially tested the scanner yet but I'm sure I'm going to love it
Buy buy buy and claim claim claim


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Is this all a coincidence?

Moody, rainy weather
With moody feeling...

Who is the real me?

What is my true form?
What is my true character?
What is my true personality?
What will the real me be like?

All these laughter,
Are they for real that I'm happy
Or it is all just a pretend?

For a long time,
I've been searching for the real me.
The me for whom I should actually be.
Somewhere deep inside my self,
Locks the real me.

The real me shows my true self.
The real me shows my true feelings.
The real me shows my true character and personality.
The real me that likes and world and enjoys every moment of life.

Read more on the web,
Somethings cannot be helped.
It's by nature due to the personality of my horoscope.

Who will the real you be like?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Anna was at my desk

Sweet and cutie Anna is in the staff room today.
She's down with fever.
Aw... so sad.
Having Anna in the staff room is always so much fun as she runs around.

She came to my table and I switched on the Photo Booth on my MBP.
Guess what... She's so happy and enjoys pressing the trackpad button to take picture.

This is the mirror effect from my MBP.

It's so fun with Anna around in the staff room.


Friday, October 31, 2008

New friend came to my desk

Today, I brought a new friend over to my desk.
And it's...


It's not my spongebob.
It's one my colleagues' spongebob.
We were at her table when she had to leave for a while to catch her students.
So I brought spongebob to my table and took photos with it using MBP.

That's the best part of MBP.
I can start a photo booth where ever I go with my MBP.

btw, it's halloween....

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Flexi Outdoor program - Golf

Exams are over and I have finished marking the papers.
Today, the sec3 students are going for their Flexi Outdoor program in the afternoon.
They can choose from a total of 5 activities:
Rock Climbing
Wind Surfing
Water Rafting & River Crossing

I was deployed to help in the Golfing activity.
(actually, I was given a choice to follow either the golf group or the rock climbing group. Since I've done rock climbing before, I choose golf)
The golf course which the students will be going to is the Mandai Executive Golf Course located next to the Upper Seletar Reservoir.

While the students were listening to the coach, this little cat came along and diverted their attention.
Since I had my camera gears with me, I took some shots of the cat.

The teachers had our share of fun learning how to play golf on the driving range while the students were having their breaks.
It was fun to drive the golf balls off the driving range.
I didn't know that I could hit the ball so far.
I think the furthest my ball went was around the 100 mark we see on the range.
Of course, wearing court shoes to play golf is not the proper attire.

A student and I had a mini challenge to see who can drive the ball the furthest on the range.
But we were forced to stop due to the strong rain that's coming in.
Oh well...

Golfing was fun but only on the driving range.
I still got lots to learn if I want to drive the ball properly.
It focuses more on left arm strength rather than right arm strength, which I am stronger on my right.

7 irons,

Sunday, October 12, 2008

e BlackBoard

Today, my family decided that we should go out for dinner since my father is around at home.
My mother suggested going to the coffee shops opposite Bedok Vista, the new block of flats cos we saw on tv that e BlackBoard has shifted to one of the coffee shops there.

I tried the Fish & Chips from the e BlackBoard.
They had 10% discount so it cost $5.90 after discount.

e BlackBoard is not a Fish & Chips shop so don't expect them to have vinegar for their F&C.
But they gave me white vinegar when I asked for F&C vinegar.
It was fine for me.
For F&C with black vinegar, I like those from Fisherman's Warf at clark quay.
The fries are nice with the spices and the portion is rather generous.
The serving plates are somewhat similar to Botak Jones'.
Oh I miss eating at BJ...

e BlackBoard's F&C offers 2 kinds: The regular ones which consist of 2 pieces of battered fish while the large ones consist of 4 pieces of battered fish.

e BlackBoard at the coffee shop furthest away from the main road opposite the old Changi Cinema.

hey fishy fishy,

Friday, October 10, 2008

MBP fun

I'm having fun with my new MacBookPro.
It's so fun.
Yes I've finally press the ON button.

2 shots taken in dmc using photo booth.


Looking up...

Looking up...

I see the light rays from the clouds.

Looking up...

Please watch where you are stepping.

Looking up...

The air-con on the bus is blowing at me.

Looking up...

I see the old railway track. Cho cho!

What do you see when you look up?

Looking up,

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I'm feeling pissed, sad, depressed, f***ked-up, no mood to do anything, steam building up inside me, bored.


Sunday, October 05, 2008

A rather lost feeling

There was once a friend who almost had her first relationship.
Unfortunately before the relationship could even started, the boy fell in love with another person (who happened to be the friend's friend) and it hit her deeply.
It took quite some time for the friend to recover.
And now, the friend and the boy are still friends but somehow, she and the girl friend fell out totally.
The girl friend simply cut out any form of communications with the friend.

Recently, the friend has started to place her eyes on another friend.
They have been talking to each other online quite often.
Once, the two of them met up with another friend who came back from overseas for a coffee chat.
And the guy friend told her that he's eyeing on one of his friends.
Well... that hit the friend's heart.
It's saddening for the friend but she is still talking and having fun with him.

The friend is in a dilemma.
She doesn't know if she should tell her friend that she like him or should she just stay quiet and let things flow.

Love is complicated,

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Last day

Today is my last teaching lesson with my classes.
Exams starts tmr.
By right, I should be worrying for them.
By left, why should I when they are not bordered to listen to what I teach.

p.s. Yes I know that I haven't been updating.

I'm just tired,

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My lastest order

I made it just in time before the back-to-school promotion by Apple Online closes.
Today, I reached home to see one big and a tiny box in my room.
My order from Apple Store has arrived after close to 2 weeks of waiting.
*I always thought of taking pictures after I have opened the packagings.*

After a close inspection of my Mac Book Pro, I notice that the cover is bent.
When the lod is fully closed, the left side is slightly higher and on the surface, I can see a slight bent mark.
Time to sent back for replacement.

p.s. The Mac Book Pro box is cho and shiok lah.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yearbook Yourself

If you have noticed, there is quite a number of people with some kind of old fashioned looking kind of hair style on their display picture on msn on facebook.
I finally knew how they did it.
It came from a website called yearbook yourself.
Basically, you find a photo of your face and upload to the website.
From there you can choose the different kind of fashion style from the timeline.
But do that note that the face shape and space may not fit nicely with your face.
Here's what I did to myself.

Typical old teacher with those beehive hairdo kind of look.

Will I look like this when I slim down? (minus the hairdo hahah...)

I tried with Gerald's face.

It was fun choosing which look to go.

Yearbook Yourself too,

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Mooncake Festival

One more day to the mooncake festival.
I went for an outing with a group on CLubSnap.
Met them at Chinatown in the late afternoon for some street shots in Chinatown before proceeding to Clark Quay for the floating laterns.

Can't reveal the names of those in the group but we definately had fun together.
And I met Tengyong at Central.
There was fireworks at Central which caught us unprepared.

Enjoying pomelo,


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