Saturday, May 31, 2008

Montage 2008: Tension

Once again, the annual Montage is back again.
This year NUSPS celebrates her 10th Montage with the theme TENSION.
With this special occasion, the 39th MC decided to bring Montage nearer to home and held it at UCC instead of Suntec.
I took charged of the ticketing, aka the ticketing officer.
Things weren't as smooth as it seems as the current committee worked with UCC.
UCC had many don'ts which created many obstacles ahead for the committee right up to the day before the BIG day.

But I must say that this year's montage turnout was better than last years.
The alumni, though I think they were hibernating somewhere, were here to gather too.
And for the first time, the NUSPS big family took a group photo together.

It was rather sad to see the nicely done up exhibition area being torn down after a day of showcase.

(photos by Nicholas)

The NUSPS big family (alumni, seniors, current committee and support team).

Past montage posters (7 out of 10).

Happy 10th anniversary to Montage,


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