Sunday, July 30, 2006

37th MC retreat, 26th July - 28th July @ Aloha Changi Cottage

Went for my committee retreat at Aloha Changi Cottage.
Of all things, forget to take pictures of the cottage that we stayed in.
Btw, they got funny check-in and out timmings.
Check-in after 4pm have to check out by 9.30am.

Day 1:
Boss picked me up at almost 4pm and we went down to Changi Village.
The house was rather nice, with big gates guarding the driveway that says Changi Cottage.
They had super huge rooms with few beds.
There was a need to go thru the check list to make sure that everything is in available.
Gerald, Teng yong, vincent and I later went out to TM to do grocery shopping for the BBQ and breakfast.
Guess what????
We kept to the $200 budget Leonard gave at NTUC only.

Taken by fifi on the way back form ubin.

Some fact about this house:
MM Lee stayed in this house during the period to independence as he was the "wanted" man.

Bought Nasi Lemak from the hawker centre at Changi Village for dinner on the way back.
After dinner was games.
Mahjong for most of us.
Some had 1-1 session with Boss.
And I had to marinate and prepare some of the BBQ food.
The night was also DVD marathon night.
There was Over The Hedge, Cars, Pink Panter.
All sponsored by Teng Yong.
Day 1 ended at 4.30am the next morning.

Day 2:
I had plans to wake up at 6am to shoot the sunrise.
Set the time on the alarm in the phone and forgot to switch it on.
Teng yong came in to wake me up.
But I just said no cos i was too tired to wake up.
One sunrise missed.

Finally woke up at about 8.30am for breakfast.
We had micro-waved pizza and herb bread.
The whole group almost finished the food for 2 breakfast in one breakfast.
Packed our gears and moved out for the Ubin trip.

Eugene was still sleepy cos he only had a few hours of sleep.
46mm, f11, 1/50s

27mm, f11, 1/40s

62mm, f5.6, 1/100s

This wasn't any ordinary Ubin trip you will go for.
It was "Tour de Ubin".
The small scale of Tour de France.

We rented bikes and off we went.
First pit stop at the temple on the western part of Ubin.

70mm, f5.6, 1/50s

70mm, f5.6, 1/125s

In we went, riding the dirt tracks towards the quarry, Tian Chi.
Kelvin says that the place had been fenced up.
But the fence only cover a small length. It's just to block out the entrance.
The group found another path in on the left.
Nah... I didn't go inside to see the quarry.
Playing safe???

27mm, f11, 1/160s

29mm, f11, 1/60s

18mm, f11, 1/80s

34mm, f11, 1/40s

18mm, f11, 1/160s

After the quarry, we rode back towards the ferry point to meet Satya.
Along the way we stopped at one of the villagers' house for a drink.
Nice cold drink.

18mm, f5.6, 1/100s

44mm, f5.6, 1/15s

25mm, f5.6, 1/10s

18mm, f5.6, 1/15s

And we also stopped by the beach and saw a number of dead horse shoe crab.

Dead horse shoe crab.
70mm, f6.3, 1/400s

The abandoned tortise sand mould.
70mm, f6.3, 1/1000s

After all that standing in the sun, we finally rode back to the ferry point to meet Satya.

Lunch time was at the malay food house.
Only left with Mee Rebus, a expensive one.
$2.50 per plate when the serving was only worth $1.50.

Quite a rest before our next destination: The Malay Village.
Riding on the tarred road was fun with gentle slopes here and there.
But I got tried cycling up hill.
Panting all the way while pushing the bicycle.
And all the wind streaming thru your ears when you go downhill.

But we couldn't find the Malay Village.
Along the way, we saw people walking off the main road with their bicycle parked by the road side.
They are looking for DURAINS. O.O

We actually found a barrier that blocks the path to Chek Java.
So since we cannot find the malay village, Kelvin suggested that we take the dirt path to Chek Java.
Sad thing was that we couldn't find the route to Chek Java cos got blocked out.
And little did we know that the path was uphill.
So tiring...
I realised that you need some skills in riding the bike cos you'll have to know what gear to use.

So, no Malay Village and no Chek Java.
Off we go to get back to the town centre.
We stopped at the basketball court for the group photo.

24mm, f8, 1/60s

24mm, f8, 1/80s

Yup, went back to return the bicycle and off Ubin we go.
Back to the cottage for BBQ.

Vincent on the boat ride back.
35mm, f8, 1/125s

Kelvin boy boy... Argh, my hand shake
70mm, f5.6, 1/250s

Shot by Fifi:

The 2 good buddies are learning how to peel garlic and onions.
they belong to the group of foreign students who don't cook.

Kelvin and Eugene.
Fire starters.

Me, helping Vincent to peel carrots while waiting for the prawns to thaw.
Vincent making his pasta.

Gerald zhnging the photos.

Seaside view from the Cottage.

View of the living room of the Cottage.

Chiong mahjong till the midnight.
Boss fell asleep at about 11.30pm.
We played till about 1.30am and wanted to go and sleep.
Then Boss suddenly woke up saying that he wants to bring us to see the transversite.
They really are no diff from woman.

Day 3:
Woke upat about 8.30am.
Packed my bag.
Use the microwave to cook frozen hotdogs and crabsticks and otah.
Took quite some time as the food are really frozen from the freezer.
Straight from the freezer and into the microwave.
Yit leong added the rest of the cheese onto the hotdogs to make cheese hotdog.
I had to bring home a lot of stuff cos i got the styrofoam box.
Those in the fridge went into the box.
Pack and pack, throw and throw.
And I thought that the food that we bought was just nice.

The staff came to check the meter for air-con and check-out.
Off we go.
Bye bye Changi Cottage.

On the way back, boss drove us round the area.
Showed us another nice Aloha house right at broadwalk area.
It was under renovation.
Then he drove pass the commando camp old and new.
And he wanted to show the 2 good buddies the Old Changi Hospital building.
So we made one round back to Changi Village again and up the slope to see the Old Changi Hospital.
If we had more time, we may have explored the place.

End of Retreat.


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