Saturday, August 06, 2005


YO! My name is Joe,
And... I work in a butter factory.
One day my boss came up to me and said,
"Joe are you busy?"
I said NO!
Turn the butter with your right hand,
Sh sh sh sh sh...................

YO! My name is Joe,
And... I work in a butter factory.
One day my boss came up to me and said,
"Joe are you busy?"
I said NO!
Turn the butter with your left hand,
Sh sh sh sh sh...................

SOW 2005

Hmmm... Haven't been active for the past 1 week cos went for NUS SOW organised by the sci fac... Damn shiok and fun. Trust me!!!

Day 1
Had to report at LT25 at 9.30am. Was like the first one to arrive in my og with Liza... Og name was I DO, I DO. Ha ha... Got an ID tag made from clothes pegs. More og people arrived soon. Introduced ourselves when a newcomer came. WOW!!! got about 3 scholars in my og. Had icebreaking games at S16 lvl 3 in the late morning. My group was the physics, applied maths and maths combination. After games had to put our bags in the tutorial rooms. Had to walk all the way to S13, which was 2 blocks away from S16. Lunch time... After lunch was station games aroung the campus. It wasn't really so much of the whole campus thingy, but we only cover the central library, SRC, SOC, sci library area. We were sure luckily cos we never had to really wait for the shuttle bus to arrive. The bus just knew that we need to take them. Played for the whole afternoon. After dinner was a talk by the senior on CORS bidding and what are the requirement to graduate. The whole SOW fell restless after a while but we still had to listen to them. Then was SP time. Had to blind fold and then we were brought to this secret area to meet our SP. Hahaha... I got a girl cos they say got not enough guys to go around cos its 2 diff ogs exchange poeple. Speed dating after that was damn sian... had to repeat what you say to the first person to many poeple down the row. Midnight... went to Fong Seng to have supper. Had to walk form sci fac to arts fac. damn long... later went to PGP residence to bathe cos got seniors and freshies staying there. wah... nice bath... slept at about 3am.

Day 2
Woke up at 7.30am. Toilet overcrowding sia... Had "wet" station games at SRC with buddy og. wasn't really wet afterall. just have to be careful. Playeed for 3 stations then had lunch there. haha... we won against other teams at all 3 stations... Afternoon was time for CORS bidding cos the bidding closes at 3pm. Kinda regretted not planning my modules in advance, cos had to plan and search for the modules on the spot. then half hour before closing time, server jammed... wah... super slow even though its INTRANET. yah.. but managed to bid for them before time ends. went down to PGP again to bathe. aiyo... have to trouble linyi (senior) and her friend again... toilet only got 4 bathing cubicles so have to split into 2 groups. Night time was delicated to fright night. Seniors really put in lots of effort in their makeups and acting skills. Looks so real. I was so scared and tramatised after the first LT i went to that I didn't want to continue the next 2. Poor christ. had to join with another couple. Haha... Gary and suan hui even tore down the curtain props in the passage way of the back door to the LT. Boo boo... Supper was at NUH instead cos Fong Seng too far to walk... Slept went returned.

Day 3
Last day of the 3 days camp... but its not all over yet.
Morning had house games at SRC but only managed to complete 2 games cos of the lightning and the rain. Stayed at the grandstand and so the seniors decided to teach everyone the sci fac cheers. really had fun even though was raining heavily outside. Left SRC immediately once the rain becomes drizzle... Going home... haha, got my 3 core modules but i think i shoud have bidded for 4.

Day 4
Freshemen inauguration ceremony... don't know what's that??? its just a small ceremony to welcome all the freshies and some introductions to the various heads and then taking a pledge. got a nice black folder as gift. But then the whole thing was rather boring, with all the talking and introducing... had a mini og outing at orchard.

Day 5
NUSSU Flag Day... To those who saw those people wearing yellow t-shirts, carrying tin cans, asking for donations... that's us, the nus freshies. but... of all good places, my og and to go to yishun to do flag!! WTH!!!!woke up like 5.30am to take bus from tampines to yishun... then alighted at the wrong stop!!! wah... flagging was really tired doing whole day. didn't like to ask poeple to donate so end up collecting only 1/2 tin out of 2 for the whole day...
Really very tiring...

Day 6
Suppose to meet at tutorial room at 3pm but no one was there so i went down to comp lab to play and also check my bidding... went to tutorial room much later to realise that we had to put up buddy's room for a while to discuss the talent night thingy. night games was much better and more fun although we ahd to crack our brains to solve the clues... something like the 无间道 movie. The area near LT 25 was transformed into gambling dens with gansters and police walking around. we are suppose to solve where the estascy pills trading will take place and then to inform the police... people we caught to jail went caught gambling and had to shout POLICE!POILCE! when we see police coming near gambling dens. Fun running up and down the stairs solving the clues but we didn't get the correct trading location... just miss out the police factor... sleepless night, played true or dare the whole night that we had to stay in the room doing dares cos people were alseep in the other rooms, so cannot disturb... the game got lvl one, starting from lvl1000, like our modules... i managed to reach lvl3000 while suanhui was like phD lvl already...

Day 7
SENTOSA day was dampened by the stupid rain that came shortly after we left NUS... which means that we have time to discuss the talent night thing. but i was tooo tried to think. still, we managed to get the plot done. left at 3pm.

Day 8
Morning was devoted to talent night practices... afternoon got photo taking... then was talent night... lots of laughter seeing guys acting as girls... hahaha... then dinner with SP... got candlelight some more. menue was western food, either fish or chicken without fries. so sad and pathetic... not many people want to leave their SPs after dinner. had a good time talking... oscar night was next... just mere prize presentation...our og got nominated for all category but didn't gat any. so sad... that means that we're good. chiong night again. played animal game, good morning sir game, true or dare... hungry??? yes!!! some of them went to west coast mac to buy supper?? breakfast?? sleep at 4.30am... yawn...

Day 9
Last day of SOW... the most awaited day for everyone. Its Rag day, continuation from flag day. Displays of floats and performances... everyone were working so hard for this day and can see that they're all very stressed at 5 am at the stadium last mintue working on the floats and dancers... shouted till our voices are gone... but all the hard work were not wasted. sci fac got the award for 1st in flag day, best cenntential dance, overall winning faculty... its like a dream come true for everyone cos sci fac has been yearning for this for 17 years... now, its back to sci fac again!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone were shouting for joy as they announced to winning faculty and the other awards... haha i'm feel so proud to be a sci fac student. SCI FAC ROCKS!!!!


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