Saturday, October 14, 2006

GE2018/SSA2215 Field Trip

When for field trip today at Pasir Ris Park.
My field trip was at 1pm.
Leonard and I met at Tampines mall.
We had Pasta Mania for lunch.
Then took bus down to Pasir Ris Interchange.

By the time we got there, there was already quite a number of people.
Soon after, the lecturers gathered us and got us to split into 3 groups by ourselves.
Yaohui, Leonard and I were in group 2.
Started at the mangrove station first.
That's my favourite.
Partly bcos the mangrove lecturer was the my favourite amongst the rest.
Also, I like the mangrove diversity too especially after they improved the mangrove boardwalk there.
I wanted to take photos but there were too many people around with too little time to stop.
In the end just observe the habitat first then come back later.
Couldn't finish the whole field work at the mangrove station cos we all walk too slow.
(1 hour limit for each station)

The next station was on beach formation.
Standing under the hot sun with little shade, carry my heavy camera bag with a tripod wasn't easy.
Just as I thought that we are just going to stay at one stop and listen to the lecturer talk,
he made us walk across the bridge to the other side where Downtown is.
To observe a special phenomenon that one of the breakwater built to protect the coast is now useless cos the mangrove from the mangrove forest behind had started to grow in front of the breakwater.
The mangrove has thus extended the beach to beyond that breakwater.

Finally, we had to walk all the way back to the viewing plaza to the 3rd station on soil.
So tired after walking sround for 2 stations.
The 3rd lecturer was also tired.
We all sat by the drain on the pavement and the lecturer went on to talk about the various equipment used by geologists to conduct their field work.
He also said that the equipment cna be borrowed from the department for our project.
I can assure that only a few people were listening to him.
I was sitting down there stonning.
Leonard fell asleep.
Then we moved out to the bank of Sungei Api Api and the lecturer mentioned that river formation is also his special field.

The field trip ended at 4pm.
Leonard and I went to mac at White Sands to rest.


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