Saturday, September 25, 2010

No updates???

Wow!!!!! I've just realised that it has been 4 months ago since I last updated.
It is time..... to backlog my entries.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Toy: LED torch

New toy for me.
I bought a LED torch after being poisoned by my shooting company during the night macro session.
The torch has 2 types of lumen (light power) and it comes with a strobe function.
so cool...

The torch can take 1AA by default and there is an extension to fit 2AA.

I can't wait to use it officially.

Default setup, 1AA batt

Extended setup, 2AA batt

Shine torchie shine!!!

Pei Yan

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Night Macro Session 1

My first try on night macro shooting last night at Venus Drive.
It was the first night after the 7th month.
Leong said that it is going to be very dark as there's no moon tonight.
In the first place, the whole carpark where we met was already dark.
We had to walk along the path for some distance till we reach our shooting site.
Good thing for LED lights and torches, it did lit up the area a bit but it was still dark and I am quite afraid of walking around in dark areas.

It was really scary to shoot alone while the others are at other locations as the surroundings were really dark.
Furthermore we had to scout around for insects to shoot.
Focusing the subject in the dark with a torch was a challenge too.
A few of my subjects were found from my shooting gang.

Here are some of the images from my first session:

Green hopper

Red Hopper

Adult Cockroach

Long legged Centipede

Some wasp?

It was a good session.
With my rain boots on, my feet did not get wet in the puddled and muddy path.
Night macro is fun. When the weather is cool and moist, you actually breathe out "smoke" (whatever it is called).

Pei Yan


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