Saturday, May 12, 2012

The snail thinks its a cat?

This morning, I saw something odd but interesting.

The snail was moving a piece of cat food. Is the snail going to eat it? This is a very interesting sight.

That piece of cat food did move. The snail was pushing it and trying to do something to it.

Breakfast with wild boars at Chek Jawa

It's the Naked Hermit Crabs monthly guided walk at Chek Jawa today.
Before I arrived at the Changi Point Ferry Terminal, I check out the noisy trees along the road.

In one of the tree holes, a long-tailed parakeet looks out of its home.

Taking a bumboat from Changi Point Ferry Terminal and then a taxi service from Pulau Ubin, we arrived at Chek Jawa. At the town centre of Pulau Ubin, the van driver stopped in front of the temple to pick some some stuff.


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