Sunday, June 22, 2008

Grinder-Man, Mustang Singapore (show 3, 4)

It's saturday.
Today's reporting time was 4pm.
I brought my camera again.
This time, die die must get the group photo.
Otherwise the plan will not happen.

Met up with Yuman, Trudy and Gobi at 2.30pm for lunch.
But before that, I was rushing around to get materials.
First to Ikea tampines to get the frame.
Then to Art Friends to get the paper.
And I made it in time to meet them at Citylink mall at 2.30pm.

We were trying to decide what to have for lunch and Gobi was suggesting the different restuarants to dine in.
Wow... budget leh.
In the end, we settled for foodcourt food at Marina Square.
Trudy already had lunch so that leaves the 3 of us to get our lunch.
3 takeaways from the same stall.

Surprise, surprise...
Yuman and Gobi don't take chilli but the uncle put chilli in their food.
So I had like 3 servings worth of chilli paste in my chicken horfun cause mine had chilli too.
I could felt the chilli heating up my stomach after that.

Today's warm up was special.
We had massage sessions for each other.
Super shiok!
Following that was a few practice sessions of freestyle movements and walking.
Then it was break to prepare for the 6.30pm show.

In the girls' changing room:

Yuman, Trudy

Girls group photo (not all are here) in the changing room with the Japanese members.

The girls always have our own way of fun in the changing room.

Pre-show briefing:

Down stairs

Up stairs

Jin, Norihiro, Yumi

oh... Maki, the choreographer, knows like 4 languages.
Japanese (her main language)
French (her 2nd best)
English (so-so)
Singlish (hahaha)

I've already returned 90% of French I've learnt to the lecturer.
Thus, I could only speak very simple french to Maki. hahaha.

The members of Grinder-Man were dressed up nicely after the show.
We later found out from Yumi that the Esplanade people are bringing them to some restaurant to dine.

Had supper with Yuman and Trudy before heading back home.

Au Revior,


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