Sunday, July 08, 2012

Octopus Adventures at the Great Reef - Terumbu Raya

This is my first visit to Terumbu Raya. It is also my first trip to the Terumbus surrounding Pulau Semakau. Terumbu Raya is located in front of Semakau's intertidal shore. It is only separated by a narrow channel which is about 6m deep. Today, we saw a group of visitors visiting the Semakau's intertidal shore from Raya.

The morning was showered with the Sumatras, which is dead scary if out trip were to start before dawn. Luckily the rain died down when we arrive at the marina the sky cleared up. However the sea was choppy, very choppy. At Terumbu Raya, the wind was rather strong.

My first find was a bivalve on bivalve.
Barbatia ark clam?


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