Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Is this all a coincidence?

Moody, rainy weather
With moody feeling...

Who is the real me?

What is my true form?
What is my true character?
What is my true personality?
What will the real me be like?

All these laughter,
Are they for real that I'm happy
Or it is all just a pretend?

For a long time,
I've been searching for the real me.
The me for whom I should actually be.
Somewhere deep inside my self,
Locks the real me.

The real me shows my true self.
The real me shows my true feelings.
The real me shows my true character and personality.
The real me that likes and world and enjoys every moment of life.

Read more on the web,
Somethings cannot be helped.
It's by nature due to the personality of my horoscope.

Who will the real you be like?


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