Friday, June 27, 2008


I went to the clinic in sch today since I was on way to collect my graduation gown.
Just in time to make it for the morning clinic before it closes for lunch break.
Since tuesday, I've been getting short cough and breathing with tightness in the chest.
Any yesterday, I had headaches on and off (most probably due to heatiness in my body).
The clinic system register me as a graduate.
Wow, NUS system is fast.
Anyway, I still got my free consultation.

The doctor diagnosed that I have a mild asthma and she asked me of any family member with history of asthma.
Only my sister has it but she recovered when she was young.
Then the doctor told me that she will prescribe the inhaler and cough syrup.

It's my first time using the inhaler

The inhaler.

Mouthpiece cap on.

Mouthpiece cap off.

I'm not sure what's the cause of the slight asthma. Inside the inhaler is medication which will tigger the airway to open up and increase the air intake. This will allow me to breathe better. There's a bit of after taste when you "swallow" the medication.

Puff away,

Graduation Gown 101

Welcome to Graduation Gown 101.
I'm the host for today.

this is not a new tv show.
it just collected my graduation gown and commencement card this afternoon.
the payment counter was rather slow cause they have to check your name in their system, make the payment and get the invoice printed.

Then it's off to Station 1.
It's quite confusing cause they did not tell us that we need to pick the gown and the motarboard ourselves.
Luckily, I've already decided my gown and motarboard size so just need to pick the good gown (cause I noticed that some gowns are made from different type cloth) and ensure that the motarboard fits (actually, the M size feels slightly bigger than the one I tried at co-op when I went to check out the gown).

Anyway, I had some fun at home with the gown and took pictures of the hanging gown.

Hood. Gold is for Science fac.

The front of the gown (pardon for the bad take).

Back of the gown.

Finally, the motarboard.

Not to worry, they have provided us with he gown bag with hanger to ease the trouble in carrying the gown around. Placing the gown in the gown bag will also prevent the gown from being creased.

The nice gown bag.

Alternatively, you can get the big NUSS yellow bag and keep the gown and gown bag inside if you find carrying 2 bags troublesome.

Tada, the NUSS bag (I use this to keep the rest of the gifts).

On top of that all graduates are given a AlumNUS card, to signify that we are alumni of NUS. Guess what, the card has discounts at Cathay Cineplex. Movie tickets are priced at $6 instead of $7 from Monday to Thursday, excluding public holidays and eves. There are also discounts at other shops.

The AlumNUS card with the case.

The card is customised with your matric number, name and faculty.

The hood doesn't stay in that position all the time. I kept it in place in the shoot using safty pins. Actually there is a button hook to hook the hood onto the button of your shirt to prevent the hood from sliding backwards. The back of the hood is much heavier than the front so if the hood is not secured, it will keep sliding back.
I'm quite blur cause I'm not sure how much of the Gold should be showing on the hood. The thickness in the photo by what I received so I suppose this is the thickeness?
Anyway, the whole gown looks crumpled. Gotta iron it before my commencement.

Graduating soon,


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