Friday, May 27, 2005

Hmmm... nothing to write in lately, so my blog very empty each month.
Anyway, Liza and I want to sign up for the Science Orientation Week cos like veri fun. Go uni of course must join their camps wat... then the SOW director scare me in the email he reply, say what this week last week to sign up. its actually for the OGLs. We ahve to sign up via their website... phew!!! let's have lotsa fun in the camp...

Aiyah... the Esplanade company sent the email to me to say that i was not successful in my interview as a casual usher... hiaz... didn't pass the interview for the second time. My deduction: working time frame too short for them cos i starting school in Aug... what to do???

Okay... really got nothing on my mind to write anymore... very sian...
But i'm waiting for the new computer to arrive... :)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Going to NUS! YEAH!

I got the application package from NUS liaoz... Now can safely decline NTU's application. Got a lot of things to do to apply into NUS. But first, have to accept the application online, then sent back the form with the photo for some card processing. Later still need to do medical examination.
Anyway, Liza got into the same course and me too. That means we're in the same school. School mates again. Heard that she went for the interview for the teaching scholarship. But I haven't receive anything from them yet. Does that mean that I didn't pass the application? Or do I still have to be hopeful of hearing from them?
Nevermind.... still got chance for the NUS scholarship. Hope that I can get. Dun have can apply for other scholarship.Look for bond free ones.
Looking thru' the package NUS sent to me, it seems that they have a lot of camps organised by the different groups before the start of the school term. They seem to like SENTOSA a lot too. Maybe i'll go and ask Liza if she wants to join the science orientation week cos like every fun. Wanted to go for the diving trip but too expensive... $450!!

Have to end here cos my brother wants to use the comp.....


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