Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Shopping KING & QUEEN

Was feeling very depressed and lonely yest...
Crying and msging him last night.

I was lucky...

Someone wasn't free so he decided to keep me company.
Told me that there's a $10 peiyan voucher for me.
$10 peiyan voucher???

Met him at PS today @ 12pm.
Went to The Cathay and bought COUPLE SEATS for A Night At the Museum @ 1.30pm.
That's where the $10 peiyan voucher went to.
That voucher was a gift from him,
For me to spent on whatever things I want.
But he just happily decided to treat me to the movies.
Then we went back to PS for 1.5 Long John Combo Set 1.
That's our usual for Long John + cheese dips.
Yum yum...

A Night At the Museum was damn funny.
Rexy, the name of the T-Rex which Ben Stiller calls.
Cos it's a doggy T-Rex.
Just wanna play fetch.
"QUIET!!!! My friend dum dum wants to talk," says the stone statue (dunno the correct name).

Went shopping with him after the movie.
E2max at The Cathay looks cool... (gerald, next time we play there kae.)
Start from Wisma.
He wants to go to G2000 to find his shirt for Montage and to meet sponsors.

In the end only found one shirt.
34.30 mulah from G2000 on the Lavander shirt.

I wanted to look for long-sleves too.
But looking for Dorothy Perkins.
Tried Taka but dun have.
So we walked the whole Taka.
Giodano, Fox, Gramophone, Taka dept store, Guess...

Nothing interesting.
Then walked to Centrepoint.
Started from the 4th floor?
And we entered Robinsons from the men's department.
Helped him choose another shirt.
Suppose to be cheap but in the end only cheaper by $1.30.
At first he wants to get the dark grey shirt.
But after much thinking,
I helped him to eliminate and he eventually got a dark blue.
Spent a lot of time at Robinsons there searching for a suitable shirt.
Finally, our last stop.
Back to PS agian.
But this time my turn to buy.
Went into Dorothy Perkins.
But din see any nice long-sleve blouse.
Quite limited.
So in the end, went to G2000.
Picked 3 pieces to try.
I want a smaller bust!!!!
Out of 3, 2 got a "hole" at the bust area.
(future fashion desginers, pls put the buttons at the bust line leh.)
The last piece fits nicely got the button at the correct place.
Not really collared but nice brown outfit.
Kinda goes well with blazer.
41.30 mesos at G2000.

Wanted to have Anderson's Ice-cream.
But then he needs to go home for dinner.

So ice-cream can still save for other times.
1 year validity from nov 06 mah.
He got 2 $5 voucher from the Singtel sms shootout.

Thanks for keeping me comapny again...
Thanks for the movie treat ($10 peiyan voucher)...


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