Thursday, October 19, 2006

My First Sponsor meeting

It was the time to meet one of the sponsors.
As the president, I had to arrange for the meeting.

I shall not mention who I met.

I'm not alone.
Boss brought Devid, Fifi and I to meet our sponsor.
They were people i already knew.
My very first meeting after being in the committee for 1 1/4 years.
Dunno what to tell them also.

My part was to present to them the workplan for 06/07.
And tell them how they are invloved. (Of course i din do that cos first time mah)
In the end i only run through the activities for the year and briefly explain more about it.
Then came Devid's turn to present the proposal to them.
Fifi was there to update them about DMC.
The purpose was to renew our equipments and also get new ones.

From the meeting, I found out that some of our equipment are relatively old.
It's old that the model is out of production and cirrculations withtin the office.

Luckily, they are friendly people and they guided us throughout the meeting.
If not it will be a zero information meeting.

there's always a first time for everything...


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