Sunday, February 11, 2007

fun... later confused...

Just came back from sch.
I know it's a saturday.
My committee had a CNY cum NUSPS day steamboat dinner.
Was hoping to be crowded with people,
But ended up like a 38th MC steamboat dinner plus a few 37th MC ppl.
Rather disappointing cos the welfare team spent quite a huge effort in organising this dinner and it became like this.
But good job to them.

Played DOTA in the afternoon.
My hero go raped by Derek's hero for the first round with Jeanbean.
Then i played myself against the computer and i won.
After that 3rd round combine force with XiaFan and beat Derek.
Wah... XiaFan is good in DOTA and CS too.

Afternoon programme was very sianz...
Only a few ppl were there.

Steamboat dinner started late as we were waiting for ppl who eventually din turn up.
3 steamboats all together.
1 halal
1 veg
1 normal without beef.
Then Gerald brought KFC for us.
Quite filling eating steamboat.
After that celebrated Shingkae's birthday.
The cake was not bad except that it was too sweet in my opinion.

Many CS rounds after the dinner.
Still very lousy in CS.

Dunno why fifi always come and kill me.
But i shot him a few times too.

After entertainment was rather boring.
Initially wanted to have meeting but the dinner ended pretty late,
So i decided to skip it.
Others were watching Blood Diamond.
Some played only 1 ROUND of MAHJONG.


My father sent fifi home.
WE talked about montage in the car.
This year's montage is giving me big headaches.

While bathing, i was thinking of Vdae,
Dunno why,
My heart felt confused.
I dunno how to describe that feeling.
To think of Vdae,
The first think I thought of was fifi.

I know i'm not going to spent that special day with him.

I just feel like going to the beach on that day.
And find a quiet place to sit down,
Look at the sea.
Listen to the waves.

Sudden feeling of wanting to be lone.
Still undecided of what to do on Vdae.
The only thing i'm doing for him is writing a card.

But does he get the msg behind all this i've done for him?
Does he know how much i FEEL and CARED about him?
That's something i wish i knew...

a broken heart that can only be patched by him...


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