Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian

After Montage 2008 and dinner and harbourfront's foodcourt.
Eugene, Fifi, Gerald and I were thinking that it was too early to go home.
We decided to walk over to Vivocity to check out what movie was available.
Just nice, the timing for Narnia was starting soon.
We decided that we'll catch it.

I've never watched the first Narnia movie so I don't really know the story behind it.
But kind Gerald summarised the first movie into a short 5min understanding.

Bad news was that the person who sold us the tickets screwed up the movie timing and we ended up getting tickets for the later show.
It was first row seats.
Luckily, the staff at the entrance were quick enough to get us into going-to-start-soon timing, which is what we asked for.
And from the first row, we changed to the last row.

The movie was rather crappy.
It's like a combination of LOTR and Harry Potter (the guys said that there was Shrek too).
The flying bird like creature which lookes like those in Harry Potter and the moving trees in LOTR?!?!?!
3 blind mice in Shrek which are no longer blind here?!?!?
Of course there were funny moments.

The movie was 145min long and it ended past midnight.
Luckily I rented car that weekend.
Sent Fifi back to his house at CCK and drove myself back home.

Aslan's roar,


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