Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sony Ericsson vs O2

I'm gonna change mobile plan this thurs.
And maybe getting a new phone.
But I'm stuck in between deciding the following 2 phones:

Sony Ericsson K850i:


O2 Zinc:

Of course the Sony Ericsson phone would be a better choice in terms of price as compared to O2.
But I'm quite enjoying the use of Pocket PC and O2 Zinc has built in WIFI which means that I can surf net in school when I'm carrying my laptop around.

How are how?
Which would you choose?

Monday, October 15, 2007

More Peel Fresh...

More Peel Fresh?
Since when did I mention anything about Peel Fresh in my blog???
My Geometry Lecturer bought us Peel Fresh mango juice for tutorial just bcos he happened to be thirsty.
The first time was sometime before the term break (iirc) when he got his mentorship award.
And all the tutorial classes had one Peel Fresh for each student.
But this time was different.
Only my class had Peel Fresh.
He actually told us when he came back that he cleared all the mango juice there was in the drink stall.
The previous time he also cleared the orange juice.

Pardon with the oof pictures cos I was taking them with my O2 phone in front of him. (I was sitting on the first row with my friends.)

3 cheers for Roger Poh...
He's one of the best lecturers so far.

Friday, October 05, 2007

VBA: Lesson 1

VBA stands for Visual Basic Advance Application.
It's a program found in Microsoft Office to command the program to run formulas and other stuff.
Why did i learn it?
Because I need to use it for my project in Basic Financial Maths.
It's actually a rather simple programming language and it's easy to understand.
But programming it to become a running program to do what you need to do is not that simple as the theory seems to be.

Lesson 1:
Never name your module the same title as your function name.
Because when you tell the program to run, it doesn't know if it's suppose to run the module or the function.
The program gets confused.
This was what I did and together with my friend, we spent the half a day trying to debug the problem.
And I finally knew the problem just a while ago.


Click for larger view.


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