Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sushi Buffet

I've finished my last paper this morning.
The paper was bad to the extend that don't think anyone managed to complete the whole paper.
Out of 12 questions, I managed to complete 8+ questions within the 2 hours period.
And the last test question came out again and I couldn't complete the whole question.
The regular surface was another problem as the function was rather disgusting to get numercial values of x, y and z.

With the end of the last paper, I end my exams in NUS.
Jeanbean called me suddenly at about 3.45pm, asking me if I want to go and eat sushi buffet.
I joined him with 2 other malaysian friends at Sakae Sushi at Harborfront.
We could order anything on the menu as long as it cost $2.29.
No red plate from the sushi belt (which are tempting to go round and round pass our table).
Seriously, I think the sushi we ordered are much better in taste than those on the sushi belt.
Don't even know how long the sushi have been going round the belt.
The soft shell crab handroll was nice.
The fried tofu was delicious.

Jeanbean with mouth full posing with the 46 plates.

Aftermath of the sushi buffet.

Jeanbean and Thomas.

In total on the table, we cleared 46 plates.
But in actual fact, it should be more than 46 plates bcos they combine the plates for some of the orders.
Dessert was black sesame mochi ice-cream and watermelon.
For normal sushi, Sakae is ok.



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