Friday, February 08, 2008

Chinese New Year - 初一

First day of the lunar new year.

My house is super lively and crowded with all my relatives coming to my house for lunch.
All from my father's side.
The table is filled with good food, delicious curry and yummy soup with self-made fish maw.
Large crowd is never fun without kids.
With Annh Li (my cousin's daughter) around, there is always fun.

Annh Li, with ang bao in her hand, she likes to say "wah" to her mummy while passing the ang bao to her.

Ang bao is important. So is the tennis ball. I want both.

Minh Li, the newest member to my cousin's (Pham) family.

Minh Li's grandmother (my big aunt) getting the ang bao from her hands.
(She's sitting on my small aunt's lap)

I want to lou hei too.

Lou ah... ...

Happy new year, Pull your ears,


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