Thursday, July 10, 2008

Commencement 2008

I went for my 2nd commencement ceremony today.
2nd ceremony because I received my scroll during the main ceremony from President S R Nathan.
*yes you can envy me. hahaha*
But at the same time, I've opted to got for my faculty ceremony too so that I can see my friends graduate and take photos with them.
*the photo taking is the important part. hee*
This year's commencement is special.
The theme of the main ceremony is "Celebrating student achievements".
Thus, as a committee member in NUSPS for 2 years, I received an email from my faculty telling me that I've been selected to be presented at the main ceremony.
This made my parents proud because I received my scroll from the President of Singapore.
*The feeling of shaking his hands are neutral*

Anyway, back to the faculty ceremony.
It began to rain very heavily when I was waiting for the bus from Clementi to UCC.
No choice but to take cab to UCC.
At least it's better than getting drenched.
One bad thing about my faculty ceremony is that it starts at 7pm.
Hence the lighting is a problem at UCC with my sister's compact camera.

The most funny thing was that I am the only graduate who had been presented in the main ceremony to be present at the faculty ceremony.
Hence, I get a whole row of seats all to my self.

Oh... during the academic staff walk in, I saw my favourite Prof.
And he made my last semester memorable.
He was sitting in the first row, 2nd from the left.

So... Here are the photos.

Meiling, Me, Xingling

Me and Liza, my sec sch classmate from sec 1 to 4.

Me with Li Da (Honours student)

Me, Yishan, Ginny (OG mates)

Me and Shijun (Science Club)

Me and Chris (my maths best buddy, accompanying me for many modules through thick and thin. *hahaha*)

The Number Theory course Master, Shifu and Tudi (Me, Prof. Chan, Chris)*hahaha*

Me and Ginny (I meet her in MA3110 from my math gang)

Wen Hao and Me (OG mate)*he specially came back early from Malaysia to see us graduate*

Jeanbean and Me (I managed to catch hold of him before he goes home)

It was an fun evening taking photos with my friends.
When Chris and I caught up with Prof. Chan to take photos, Prof. Chan asked me whether I have graduated or not.
I was laughing and Chris told him that I got my scroll on Monday (main ceremony).
The Valedictorian is also a Math graduate and all Math graduates agree with one point that she said:
Eventually, we all master the art of tiny handwriting for the sucess of the many helpsheets written during the period of our course.

Happy graduation,


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