Friday, April 04, 2008

SE3221 CA2: It's Show Time!

It's show time.
The reporting time for us was 4pm, 1 hour before the actual performance.
As I hardly check emails on weekday nights, I wasn't aware that the dancers had to bring shorts.
How great it was, I only got pants. (luckily they can be folded up)
The reason being that the dancers had to wear this pant-like-thing which is actually a piece of cloth that they tie it such that it becomes a pant. (It's complicated to explain)
Some say it's like the Ali-baba pants.

Male dancers waiting for the final rehearsal to begin.

Group photo after the show.

My lecturer, Ajarn Koong.
The show included guest performers from the Chulalongkorn University.
Their segments are very entertaining as they perform music from the different regions in Thailand.
I especially enjoyed the performance by a rather cute old man from the group.
(He's one of the music teachers there if I remember correctly.)
It was fun doing my second CA performance.
And I heard that the Thai Embassy people are quite impressed.

A round of applause everyone,


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