Wednesday, December 12, 2007


In case you don't know,
I got a pet parrot.
We didn't buy it but we found it.
Cos it was being chased by a group of crows at the carpark of my block.
So my mother when down to save it.
It has since been about 5 to 6 years.
And it's a very talkative and noisy parrot.
And in recent years, it has taken over 2 of the kitchen drawers.

I call it the parrot executive house.
And it's totally designed by the parrot itself.
Let's see...

My parrot is the owner cum contractor on the second floor of its house.

It's caught by my camera in the mist of its construction work.

This is the "ground floor" of the executive house.
All the wood fragments there are shredded by the parrot.

This is the "staircase" to the ground floor.
My parrot did this all by itself.

Don't worry, when it comes to Chinese New Year, my father will build another drawer to replace it. After that, the demolition begins for another executive house.
i like my parrot.


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