Saturday, June 21, 2008

Grinder- Man, Mustang Singapore (show 1, 2)

Here it is...
After nights of rehearsals both in the Rehearsal Studio and on the performing ground, our first 2 shows are finally here.
The first show was a bit disappointing cause there wasn't much crowd around.
It could be that people just knock off from work and are still having dinner.

Reporting time was 3pm.
We watched our full-dress rehearsal video and was laughing away.
Then the warm up begins and break time to prepare and get changed for the primere show.

Self warm up

Roxanne, (I can't rmb her name), Siti

Mirror fun

Anyway, I found the video for our first show on youtube.
Unfortunately, it's only the first part.
Still, kudos to the person who uploaded it on youtube.
Here it is:

The second show had more crowd.
People make mistakes, but who in the audience would know?
After each performance, Hitoshi will come and give comments on what we need to improve on.

So fast, we had our first 2 shows done.

4 more shows to do,


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