Wednesday, November 30, 2005

EXAMS are OVER!!!!!!

Can't believe that I survived throughout the whole exam period.
Hard work man!!!
Here's the break down:

The lecturer said that the exam paper is going to be much more difficult than the 2 quizes.
but after doing it, hey! It wasn't that bad after all.
The questions were do able and i felt more relaxed than the quizes but not totally.

Beng's calculus...
Ha ha. what my seniors said is really true.
His paper is really standard.
Qns 1 is on functions.
Qns 2 on limits. blah blah blah...

ha ha... quite an easy paper once you can master the steps behind computation and programming... we thought he's going to set difficult questions to kill us.
nope... programming questions were easy. juz have to fill in a few steps of the code and the other one is to use the code to read FILE.

I think its the most difficult paper.
MCQ question is on true or false...
Which means that if any of the choices is shaded wrong, then the question will be wrong.
Fill in the blanks... dont't really know what the answers are.
Short answer question was better...
Luckily i attended tutorials.

Mechanics but on the killer side.
some parts really don't know how to do.
Maybe i'm having mental block.
Actually know one but my brian juz wasn't woking...
what to do???

let's hope that the class performance will help in my grades...


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