Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Flexi Outdoor program - Golf

Exams are over and I have finished marking the papers.
Today, the sec3 students are going for their Flexi Outdoor program in the afternoon.
They can choose from a total of 5 activities:
Rock Climbing
Wind Surfing
Water Rafting & River Crossing

I was deployed to help in the Golfing activity.
(actually, I was given a choice to follow either the golf group or the rock climbing group. Since I've done rock climbing before, I choose golf)
The golf course which the students will be going to is the Mandai Executive Golf Course located next to the Upper Seletar Reservoir.

While the students were listening to the coach, this little cat came along and diverted their attention.
Since I had my camera gears with me, I took some shots of the cat.

The teachers had our share of fun learning how to play golf on the driving range while the students were having their breaks.
It was fun to drive the golf balls off the driving range.
I didn't know that I could hit the ball so far.
I think the furthest my ball went was around the 100 mark we see on the range.
Of course, wearing court shoes to play golf is not the proper attire.

A student and I had a mini challenge to see who can drive the ball the furthest on the range.
But we were forced to stop due to the strong rain that's coming in.
Oh well...

Golfing was fun but only on the driving range.
I still got lots to learn if I want to drive the ball properly.
It focuses more on left arm strength rather than right arm strength, which I am stronger on my right.

7 irons,


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