Saturday, February 02, 2008

ISN - International Student Night

Great thanks to TengYong, Leonard, YitLeong and Jeanbean for coming to the performance to watch me perform.
I was rather nervous.
Though I've been a performer since primary school,
And have done many performances back in sec sch with angklung band,
I can't help but to still very nervous.
Bcos this is my first time playing percussion for performance.
This is also my firs time which I went solo.

When I was in angklung band back then in sec sch,
I played the kulintang which is a group instrument.
So that wasn't scary.
But now with only and only one percussionist (that's me)
And having to start solo for 2 songs,
I had to constantly practice in silent the rhythm in case I forget.

Oh yah...
Jeanbean gave me the Fusia bear (the mascot for In-Fusion)
And at the same time, I he gave me another one which was meant for YitLeong's bdae.
And so I carried two cute bears to the dressing room where the rest of my angklungers where.
The bears made them jealous.

The bears sitting on the basin looked like they are a couple.

This is my bear.

I was joking the day before that they should buy me flowers to support me.
And they really did!!!
A pink rose with a mini blue teddy bear attached.

So now, the bear is sitting on my table, next to my laptop in the above position.
Love ya guys!!!

P.S. I took all these photos with my K850i 5mp hp.

Enjoying with my K850i phone,


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