Sunday, January 02, 2011

Singapore.scape: Smelly punggol beach

It was my first time to punggol beach.
The moment you reach the beach area, you can smell the unique smell of punggol beach.
The smell is quite strong, but still acceptable for me.
It's not the ordinary beach sea water smell.
It a smell which I don't know how to describe.

The rocks there are plentiful.
They are heavily covered with barnacles so do be careful if you wish to enter the water.

The water is kind of dirty with rubbish and small floating bits of unknown material.

I saw a few photographers on the beach but they were shooting on dry land.
Me and my friends were the only kuku people who went into the water to shoot sunset.
Hey... it's kind of fun getting wet while shooting landscape.
Especially when you shoot facing the sea. The unpredictable big waves hit you and your setup was the best experience.

Till now, I have yet to experience the beautiful orange glow and round setting sun.

Pei Yan


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