Saturday, May 05, 2012

Seed with wings from a tree

While walking home from breakfast after today's shore trip, I noticed some funny looking seeds scattered along a short section of the walkway. The seeds look like

The seeds have wings, which helps them in dispersion by wind. However I could not recognise nor identify the tree that disperse such seed.

The seeds are formed on a twig and falls off individually, waiting for the wind to sweep them to other locations. I have kept these seeds I've collected in a plastic container. Hope that they will come in useful someday.

If anyone knows the I.D. of this seed, do let me know.

First shore trip: Pulau Subar Laut

Today I had my first taste of shore visit at Pulau Subar Laut, a.k.a. Big Sister Island.
Sisters Island is one of the many southern islands in Singapore. It is next to St. John's Island.
Knowing the tides is very important to shore visit to avoid being stranded in deep waters when the tide comes in. Today's trip had to start as early as 3.30 am.

I was worried that the trip might not be able to take place as it was pouring heavily at that time and lightnings were threatening. Thank goodness, the rain stopped when we boarded the boat but small drizzle came on and off during the trip.

Ria gave me a quick orienteering of Big Sister Island and soon after, we were off to the big lagoon. Upon reaching the shore, the first comment was "Watch out for stonefish." *glup*
I have read about the dangers of stonefish and their sightings on our shores. Throughout the visit, I keep thinking and looking carefully on the shore bed to avoid Mr Stonefish. As a newbie to shore visit, I walked very slowly. (Remember, stonefish!)

My first marine creature encounter is a small octopus. Its width is slightly smaller than the length of my compact camera. The image is quite blur as I was still adjusting to the dark environment and handling lights and camera at the same time.


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