Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sentosa shore is crabby alive

So many swimming crabs swimming around the shallow waters of Sentosa shore. They looked like they are playing catching with us.
Swimming crab

Security Barriers at Tanjung Rimau, Sentosa

In a blog post written by Ria Tan dated on 7 January 2013, she noticed the floating security barriers have been put up along the Sentosa shoreline by the Marin Police. Before that Ria mentioned in another post dated 26 June 2012 about the note from Port Marine Notice (dated 20 April 2012) about the construction of floating sea barrier at Sentosa Cove. In the notice, a map drawing shows the barrier possibly ending off at Tanjung Rimau, just off Rasa Sentosa.

Here are the images Ria took on 7 January:
Floating security barrier in front of Sentosa's natural shores Floating security barrier in front of Sentosa's natural shores

Celebrating Earth Day with the Naked Hermit Crabs at Pasir Ris mangrove boardwalk with Buffy fish owl and Hornbill

Last weekend, Singapore's nature community was buzzing with activities to celebrate Earth Day. This year Earth Day falls on the 22nd April 2013, which is a Monday.

The Naked Hermit Crabs did not forget about celebration Earth Day too. We held a free public guided walk at Pasir Ris Park mangrove boardwalk for 15 visitors. We saw many interesting things we usually did not get to spot thanks to other kind park users.

A very special find for both the guides and the visitor was the Buffy fish owl. It was the first time seeing the owl for many of us, including me. Thanks to Ivan's friend, Ho Yong Tze, for showing it to us.
Buffy fish owl
[Photo by Sean Yap]


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