Friday, June 12, 2009

Backdated photo

Today just happened to take out my camera to take pictures of the things I've bought at the PC Show.
And I saw that inside my memory card, there is an image of an evening sky taken from my balcony window.

The editing part is a bit poor.
I am still unable to get the colors of the clouds out.
Perhaps the camera setting was incorrect and hence, I was unable to get the desired outcome that I wanted.
The sky looked pretty nice from my eyes, but after taking a look at the image on my mac, it did not turn out correctly.
Anyway... here's the image.

The exif shows that the image was taken on 19 April.
Wow... that's like 1.5 months ago.


PC Show 2009... BBB Part 2

Part of the PC Show buy buy buy spree...
Today's main aim was to order the desktop and get the printer.
And I've also decided to get the Microsoft Office 2007 Home & Student edition for the new desktop.

The selected desktop is from a computer part company call Pluto.
The new desktop will only arrive on 25th june.
We shall wait till then to get the images of the new desktop.

After ordering the desktop, I went up to Hall 6 to purchase the Microsoft Office 2007 Home & Student edition.
The offering price at the Microsoft booth is $159 with free webcam, cheaper than addition the software from the desktop purchase.

After that was back to Hall 4 to get the Canon printer.
The model I purchased was the Pixma MP198.
Surprisingly, I came to know that the printer can take 2 models of ink.
Then I found out from the nice sales guys that actually, the difference is just the capacity of the ink tanks.
Also, I reused the trolley I got from scanner purchase from Epson last year end. (ops... use wrong trolley, but still it's just a trolley).
I bought one set of ink too and the printer came with free wireless Logitech mouse.

Image of printer from Canon's website.

The printer will wait until the new computer arrives so for now, it will stay in the box.
That marks the end of my buy buy buy season for PC Show 2009.

Total damage done = $1 844.50
Got 32 lucky draw tickets from today's purchase.
And... today happens to be my pay day.
Sad sia.



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