Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Went for medical checkup at NUS today at the uni's clinic. Didn't really quite know where to alight. But I did make it to the clinic. It was rather crowded though. Luckily I've filled up the form before I left the house, so registration at the counter was simple and fast. Had to fill up some card for record purposes. First station was the height and weight then followed by the eye check. Then the person directed me to the urine test station. The staff passed me a cup and asked me to fill up a bit. Toilet was a queue cos got only 2 cubicles. Everyone coming out of the toliet carrying a cup of urine. Rather funny... I saw this familar face, looks like Mei Sze but I think she didn't notice me when she came out of she toilet.

After then test was consultation. I saw her again. It was indeed Mei Sze. She saw me too and we sort of made contact from a distant apart.I was called before mei sze and went for the x-ray after that.

X-ray was even crowded with so many people cramped inside a small room with only one x-ray room built. It surely wasn't meant to cater for such freshmen checkup exercise. But the funny thing was that there wasn't a need to change our clothes, even for the ladies with the metal wire inside the bra. Only certain quality prints on tops are not allowed and also accessories are too to be removed. The process was smooth and fast. No need to wait every long before we were given the signal to leave.

But wait.... How come I do not have to take the blood test??? Nevermind, I see that some also didn't take he test. Ha ha.

Later in the afternoon still got eye appointment at the SNEC. Still early, so decided to go down to chinatown for luch and shop around. Just remembered that I needed to get something from Popular so went to the one at Majestic but they don't have the book. Time for lunch. Really missed the food at chinatown hawker centre so just walked across the bridge to get there. Took quite a while deciding on what to eat before I finally decided to try the really cheap japanese food near the beehoon and chee cheong fun stall. Really cheap! Only $3.80 for ugani rice that comes with soup and salad. Its EEL rice... EEL already cost alot. That price for normal chicken chop rice is understandable but for EEL rice? Unbeliveable!!! Dame tasty!!!

After luch had some walk around chinatown and managed to find a small ink pad of the chinese stamp. Cost only $1. Still got 2 more hours to go, walked down to chinatown point to shop. Nothing much to see... Forget it!!! Board bus 33 at abotu 2pm for outram mrt station. Too lazy and too hot to walk there. My feet is in pain form all that walking in that hard slipper.


Okie, I love you... Bye bye...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Final Theory Test

Aiyah... I fail my final theory test :(
Dam... Why must they change to using computer to do the test?? If not book test can cheat one cos got answer on the book... After the test then I realise that I've chosen the wrong answer for some of the question. Some questions got answers that are so close to each other, you don't really quite know which is the correct answer.

Oh well... went to book another test and its scheduled on the 2 Aug, second day of the official oritentation. But think that day is some rag and flag day, so shouldn't be a problem.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Diabetic Camp

Day 2...

Morning call was at 7am. Breakfast was schelduled at 8am. The very first breakfast for the camp was only half an hour as there was a trip to Pulau Ubin scheduled at 8.30am. Breakfast was delicious except for the scramble egg which was too watery, more like mashed half-boiled egg. Everyone gathered at the function room at 8.30am for the grouping for the boat ride and the Ubin tour. Dr Lee had mentioned yesterday that the crew from Channel NewsAsia will be coming down this morning to do a media coverage of the camp. I found the camera man stationed at the Changi Ferry Terminal. The terminal was crowded with school students. People at the terminal were curious seeing a camera man at the ferry terminal. Ha ha...
My allocated group was easy to manage. With only one family comprising of 2 adults and 3 children and then, the rest were volunteers and staff. We had fun on the boat, playing racing game with another boat where Dr Fabian Yap was...
Weather at Ubin was hot and sunny. Everyone took shelter at the information centre while waiting for the volunteer tour guides to come. Dr Lee kept the campers busy by giving quizzes about the plants and animals found on the island. The camera man was busy shooting the campers taking the tour at the Sensory Trail, which two groups were taken by a guide. We were told the various plants and its uses, and also which plants are used as a form of herbs to cure different sickness.
Time passed so fast while touring. Soon it was time to make our way back to the jetty for the ride back to the hotel... Everyone were exhausted from the trip, especially the little ones who were face-red. When we reached back at the hotel, we had to gather at the function room awaiting for instructions for change and lunch.
Everyone had a good shower. I went down to get ready for lunch, not realising the surprise that is going to come. Joyce, the camp commander, was standing outside the function room with the CNA's crew when she saw me coming. I went over and she asked me if it was possible for me to be interviewed.
Me? Interview? Why me???
wo years ago, I was asked to do a photo shoot for the Time magazine and now an interview for CNA.
I had to say yes, but I didn't quite like the idea of being interview in front of the camera. I'm camera shy!!! They asked me to bring down all my meters and stuff, sat down at a table and shot me taking the glucose mornitoring, take a tablet and then, 4 units of injection. Then it was the interview. I was interviewed at the dinning area where the crew said that it was more casual and informal instead of having it in a room. It was all on-the-spot answering. No script, no notes, nothing. Just a simple Q&A interview. It was rather scary to stand in the middle of the dinning area with people around me and the hotel management behind the camera man. The camera man made a joke, telling me that I'm a SUPERSTAR.
The interview was finally over in about 1/2 hour and I was able to enjoy my lunch peacefully....
In the late afternoon, there was games by the poolside, called hydrolympics. It were games involving the use of water in any form, be it water balloons or collecting water in the fastest time or transporting objects using water. Everyone one had fun getting wet and some eventually went into the pool to play, while some got splashed by water from another person. The children and their parents really enjoyed themselves.
I heard that dinner was BBQ but I had to leave already as I'm leaving for China the next day early morning.....

Okie, I love you, bye bye!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Diabetic Camp

1st day....

Arrived at KKH at slightly past 8.30am. Ha.... see a few familar faces again since we last met each other 2 years ago at the last camp. I was the volunteer photographer for the camp. A veri shy photographer I am. My so call gang only left Ying ying. The rest??? Don't know where they have dissappeared to. Everyone had to gather at the staff lounge. Childern were all clinging onto their teddy bears, a gift from one of the sponsers. Me? Busy taking photos of families and individuals. Then the doctors came at about 11am, after their hospital duties. Dr Warren Lee made the opening speech and introduced the various staff present at the camp, ranging from doctors to nurses to dietitians to social workers. Later we had tea at the staff lounge with a choice of sandwich with orange juice or just water.
We set off for Changi Village Hotel at about 12pm.
The newly renovated hotel was huge and nice. Got very interesting toliet too. It was time for lunch. Ying ying and I are always very close to the staff. Since the queue for the main course was very long, we all decided to start with the salads and the cold dishes. We wanted to wait for the queue to fade off before we start queueing for the main dishes but by then, choices were quite limited.
After lunch, there was a short talk by Dr Vera Oh and then the checking in of rooms. I shared room with Judith and Hui Yi. Room number was 225 at level 2. Walking to the room was like a maze cos the hotel was designed to be of a triangular shape and our room was on the far end away from the lift.
Later in the afternoon, we had station games at the Changi Broadwalk. The whole camp had to walk quite a distance before reaching the broadwalk. Everyone were kept busy along the way with paper quizzes to discover more about Changi. The weather was very hot and everyone had a lot of fun. The games were completed in about an hour and the children had time for a swim. The rest just went back to their room to rest their tired feets and cool down their sweaty bodies.
Dinner was at 7pm and then was some interactive session. The day ended with a debrief for the staff at about 10.30pm...

Okie, I love you bye bye!!!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Okie...... I'm trying to push down my Ubin blog so that it doesn't have to take a long time to load the pictures and everything else. anyway, my new computer has already arrived. Phew, just in time before i leave for my camp and for China.... so i'll be away from this computer for 2 weeks.
haha this blogging can cheat the date you enter your entries. so can keep details of each day's activities.

Okie, I love you, bye bye!!


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