Friday, June 03, 2005

Diabetic Camp

1st day....

Arrived at KKH at slightly past 8.30am. Ha.... see a few familar faces again since we last met each other 2 years ago at the last camp. I was the volunteer photographer for the camp. A veri shy photographer I am. My so call gang only left Ying ying. The rest??? Don't know where they have dissappeared to. Everyone had to gather at the staff lounge. Childern were all clinging onto their teddy bears, a gift from one of the sponsers. Me? Busy taking photos of families and individuals. Then the doctors came at about 11am, after their hospital duties. Dr Warren Lee made the opening speech and introduced the various staff present at the camp, ranging from doctors to nurses to dietitians to social workers. Later we had tea at the staff lounge with a choice of sandwich with orange juice or just water.
We set off for Changi Village Hotel at about 12pm.
The newly renovated hotel was huge and nice. Got very interesting toliet too. It was time for lunch. Ying ying and I are always very close to the staff. Since the queue for the main course was very long, we all decided to start with the salads and the cold dishes. We wanted to wait for the queue to fade off before we start queueing for the main dishes but by then, choices were quite limited.
After lunch, there was a short talk by Dr Vera Oh and then the checking in of rooms. I shared room with Judith and Hui Yi. Room number was 225 at level 2. Walking to the room was like a maze cos the hotel was designed to be of a triangular shape and our room was on the far end away from the lift.
Later in the afternoon, we had station games at the Changi Broadwalk. The whole camp had to walk quite a distance before reaching the broadwalk. Everyone were kept busy along the way with paper quizzes to discover more about Changi. The weather was very hot and everyone had a lot of fun. The games were completed in about an hour and the children had time for a swim. The rest just went back to their room to rest their tired feets and cool down their sweaty bodies.
Dinner was at 7pm and then was some interactive session. The day ended with a debrief for the staff at about 10.30pm...

Okie, I love you bye bye!!!

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