Saturday, October 01, 2005

Darkroom session

Hee hee,
i had a crash course on darkroom today. it was actually meant for the darkroom subcom but kelvin said that the committe members could come and learn.
MY very first darkroom session!!!!
WEll... i didn't really finish my black & white film. i sort of screwed up when transferring the film onto the reel for the tank. haha... gerald helped me then.
having to keep your both hands inside the dark bag was warm!
then it was developing time...
1st step was to pour in the developer (20 deg) into the tank.
have to agitate for 5 times then knock the tank on the table to remove the air bubbles @ 30sec intervals for about 5 min.
i think i was quite violent, like want to break the tank.
then was the stop bath, followed by the fixer.
later, rinse with running water.
yeh.... my first own developed b&w film is out!!!!
next have to hang to dry....
but the student assistant didn't tell us to wipe off the water on the film...
in the end the film surface got water mark on it, then have to wash again and wipe the film dry ( we're suppose to use the sqweezy to get rid of the water).
After film developing was printing.
Went into the darkroom and kelvin showed us how to use the enlarger to project the film image onto the printing paper.
had to work in darkness except for the safe light which eventually helped us to see the room better.
printed 1 picture with 2 tries, 1 to check timing and the other with the desired timing.

darkroom chemicals stinks......


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