Tuesday, April 03, 2007

SAC Angklung Band SYF 2007 Rehearsal

Went to NAFA audi at the School of Performing Arts to see the SYF 2007 rehearsal for SAC Angklung Band.
I've lost touch of the music for a few years already.
Feel so shiok to hear them again.
Not forgetting Ms. Faridah's funky movements.
Took the opportunity to take some pictures of the band.
Just rehearsal so the girls are not in their kebaya.

This is Ms. Faridah.

Overview of the Angklung Band

Kulingtang section. Fond memories...

Percussion Section

The Angklung Section

Hope that they will get GOLD or better still, GOLD WITH HONOURS.
Go Angklung Band.


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