Friday, May 07, 2010

What I gave to my kids.

Today marks the end of my teaching practicum.
The 10 weeks passes so quickly.
To "thank" the students for their cooperations and fun times, some of the practicum teachers decided to do something for our students.
It was tough to think of what things to get or make for them as we do not want to have any repetition of gifts.

Since my sec 1 girls loved my cat images so much, I decided to print one for each of them.
Like wise, I thought that it would be an interesting gift to give them one of my photography works.
My sec 1 got my pretty cat,
sec 2 received my silhouette taken at the top jejawi tower at chek jawa,
and sec 3 received a sunset image.

The set my sec 1s and 3s got looks like this.

It comprises of a name sticker and a photo.
Behind the photo is a little message written by me (thought it's standard wordings for all).

I'm sure the girls are touched by the little gesture from me, just like the little notes they wrote for me.
Similarly, I did the same thing for my two co-operating teachers (forgot to take pictures of them).
Thank you for making my practicum a memorable one.
Don't worry, I'm coming back.


Saturday, May 01, 2010

What the kids gave me.

What do lovely kids do in class?
They write notes during my lessons and secretly place them in my marker box (thought I strongly disprove them of doing so).
Never thought that a simple post-it can be so useful under the creativity of my sec 3 math girls.
Most of the time when I walk back to change a marker, there will be a note place in my marker box.
Out of class, I enjoyed reading their little notes and they are so lovely and beautiful.

This is the very first piece that I got from my student.
Actually, she recycled a piece of paper that she has written wrongly on the other side.

These came in bits and pieces.
SInce most of them are post-it, I have decided to stick them onto a piece of paper and keep them in a plastic folder.

All of the "little" (some not so little) notes are pasted on my table's wall.

Lovely notes,


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