Sunday, April 28, 2013

Security Barriers at Tanjung Rimau, Sentosa

In a blog post written by Ria Tan dated on 7 January 2013, she noticed the floating security barriers have been put up along the Sentosa shoreline by the Marin Police. Before that Ria mentioned in another post dated 26 June 2012 about the note from Port Marine Notice (dated 20 April 2012) about the construction of floating sea barrier at Sentosa Cove. In the notice, a map drawing shows the barrier possibly ending off at Tanjung Rimau, just off Rasa Sentosa.

Here are the images Ria took on 7 January:
Floating security barrier in front of Sentosa's natural shores Floating security barrier in front of Sentosa's natural shores

From Ria's images it clearly shows a line of barrier parallel to the shoreline and it ends off with an opening.

While visiting the shore on Saturday's predawn intertidal trip, I took the opportunity to check out these floating security barrier and the possible damages it did to the natural shore. And it looked slightly different.

Here is a video of the security barrier:

And a still image

It seems that there was modification made to the floating security barrier to "closeup" the security along the shoreline of Sentosa.  Joining the line of barriers parallel to the shoreline is a closing line of barrier that cuts through the natural shore, ending at the rocky cliff.
"New" line of barrier that ends at the rocky cliff
Taking a closer look at how the blue drums are connected.
Connected by chains
The end of the barrier line is chained to a t-shaped construction metal bar, already beginning to rust while a loop goes through a rock wedged between a large opening.
Last drum on the line.
Chained up at the rocky cliff
More chains looping through a rock
In the midway of this additional barrier, there was a large concrete cube that looks like an aide to weigh the barriers down.
Concrete cube with chains
How the barriers flow past the concrete cube
On this part of the barrier, the chains were attached with some thick cables.
Thick cable
How has this line of security barrier affect the shore life?
Many of the barriers have been covered by algae, barnacles and possible other tiny marine life on the portions where the barriers will be submerged when the tide comes in. Some of the drums are hanging above the shore while some are sitting on the shore.
Drum with algae and barnacles growing, hanging slightly above the shore
Another drum, sitting on the shore
The actual impact of the floating security barrier is unknown and it requires further monitoring. It is possible that as the tides rises and the strong waves created by passing boats and ferries, the drums will sway and hit the shore in vertical and sideway manner.

A video shows how strong the waves can get and how rough the security barriers are rocking.

This natural shore of is monitored by TeamSeagrass and some of us who monitor our shores regularly. However we are always fighting with time and tide and there is just to many shores for us to cover. 

The next time I visit Tanjung Rimau again, I shall do a better check on the natural shore along the floating barriers.

Ending off, here's the view from the rocky cliff.

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  1. Thanks Pei Yan for this much needed update on the situation on the ground! Your very thorough report shows we really need to keep a close watch on this shore.



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