Monday, May 26, 2008

Grinder-Man Workshop 2

I'm back at the workshop again the next day,
With pain throughout my body.
My neck hurts, by back hurts, legs hurt too.
Everyone in the theatre studio was asking if you got any pain.
Later on, Maki would say that it's normal to have pain since we just started learning it.

As usual, we started with warm-ups.
After that, my legs did not hurt that much bcos it was used to the movements.
But my back still hurt a little.
After warm-up, we did the stretching thing again and then walk/run around the room.
The ultimate aim was that there is no one telling us when to change or stop.
Someone has to give initiate the command to the group.
It doesn't matter if you hit someone, it is unavoidable.

The next activity we had was to mentally think of 2 people in the room and try to form an equilateral triangle (triangle with all side of the same length).
And once you get it, you are suppose to jump and shout "yay".
The objective is to get everyone to stop.
Quite a fun game.

Then we did the free air painting,
And the worm in the body activity.
It is a free expression activity which after some time I hated it cos I ran out of ideas.
The worm in the body is to think that there is a worm moving around your body and controlling which ever part it moves to.
The aim of it is to let the worm control your movements and not your mind controlling the worm to control your body parts.

After that, we did the no communications group work.
In groups of 4 or 5, we have to stand in a line as a group and move across the room without any communications.
Someone has to start the movements.

And later, we played the continuous freeze pose game with the black boxes.

The instructors, Hitoshi and Maki

No communications

Continuous freeze pose with black box

Great news, at the end of the workshop, we are told that everyone is selected for the rehearsals and performance.
My very first performance at the Singapore Arts Festival.
Do look out for Ginder-Man.
I'll email all my friends to tell them about it.

More pain to come,

P.s. There is no time for me to take pictures during the workshop so the photos in the entries are taken by esplanade staff and they uploaded them on the Grinder-Man group in Facebook.


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