Saturday, October 21, 2006


Woodpecker it is.

I borrowed boss' "water bottle", 80-200mm lens and 2x extension and went back to the Pasir Ris mangrove to do my project.
The project is about the animal diversity in the mangrove forest.
Went in the evening and it was low tide then.
Wrong choice of timing.
As it the sun was setting...
Lighting condition in the forest became low.
Luckily got tripod.

But the lens was too heavy for the tripod to support it.
End up with many blur pictures.
But i did see a lot fo animals during that time.

The birds, water monitor lizard and not forgetting the crabs in the swamps.
People always say that when you enter the mangrove forest, you'll smell a funny smell.
That din work on me.
Din smell anything funny.
Maybe it's just that i'm so used to that kind of smell.

When the sun has set, I went for Meiyun's birthday party at Aloha Changi.
Happy Birthday Meiyun.


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