Sunday, July 26, 2009

Delicious tau huey @AMK

Did you know that AMK hub sells very nice tau huey (beancurd)?
Now you know.
It's the dessert shop located on a corner on the second floor of AMK hub.
They serve freshly made tau huey.

Menu. The shop is called Tang Shui Chun.

This is the beancurd bucket for 2 people.
It just so happened that we were lucky the beancurd was ready.
Since their beancurd is freshly made, they are served in such a bucket.
That means the beancurds are made in individual buckets.

You can have the fun to enjoy being a beancurd seller and scope your own bowl of beancurd.

The beancurd is superly smooth and tasty.
A little bit of sugar syrup is sufficient.

Yummy beancurd,


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