Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Everyone have their own ambitions.
I have many ambitions.
When I was young, I wanted to be a Doctor.
A doctor who is capable of curing sick people effectively.

But then later in school that I realised that to become a doctor, I have to really smart.
Cos have to study the 3 sciences.

So I changed my mind.
Be a Nurse instead.
A nurse who is gentle and so caring to the patients.
But still have to be rather smart cos still have to know all the funny names, learn the human body which contained so many parts...

Nope, nurse I is not what i really want.

Then came the thought of becoming an Actress.
An actress like Zoe Tay and all my fave stars.
To be able to see myself on the big tv screen.
Then i realised that acting requires a lot of time.
With no proper work schedule and always ready for calls.
Working late into the night, with sleepless nights.
Maybe that's not what I want my time to be spend on.

Acting is out...

How about being a Singer???
Like Sun YanZi and those who are so famous out there.
Earning big bucks have fans screaming at you, chasing you wherever you go.
Like the idea???
Since I was from choir, shouldn't be a problem right????
But now, I can't really sing well. Not as good as I used to be.
But KTV sessions are still my faves.
I'll just be that little singer amongst my friends.
And charm them with my sometimes not so good voice.

Tell you something very funny...
Dun think got people who think of this as their ambition except for a few...
I had wanted to be a country leader.
Being a MINISTER of Singapore.

Leading the country to peace and prosperity.
Going for elections like what's happening now.
WOW!!!! What a big ambition I have last time.
But being a political leader, I have to understand the situations around me.
Understand not just the issues within my country but also other countries.
Be able to stand up and voice for my people.
These are things which I'm not very capable of.

Now, my dream is to become a TEACHER.
To impart my knowledge to the next generation and make the education tree grow bigger and wiser.
Since I can't be a country leader, I can nurture one or even a few.
And see their achievements go into serving the country.
But I may give up teaching.
My friend tells me that teaching is what I think it is to be.
Much more stressful than what I see in school.
And I think I failed my Teaching Award application again.
Wasn't sucessful in trying for the scholarship last year.

For the time being, I shall just stick to my position as an Assistant Secretary of NUSPS.
And prepare well for Montage 2006.
All the best for my preparations and I will have a sucessful Montage seminar.

So... what's my next ambition???


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