Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm in the Rubik's craze too

Suddenly, I'm interested in learning how to play rubik's cube.
I've seen this thing when I was young.
My grandmother house got one and I don't even knew how to play it back then.
All i knew was that I can turn the things around and jumble the colors up.
And suddenly, you start hearing on the news how fast people can the cube

There are a few kind of Rubik's cube: (that i know of)

The more commonly used one will be the 3x3 cube.
The pros will know about 200+ methods to solve the cube.
Only 1, and it's the free step by step guide I got from Toys-R-Us, where I bought by cube.

And my Prof. happened to tell me that he can solve the 5x5 cube and so does his daughter (still a primary school student).
Trying to learn more methods,

Scary deal

Fridays are days where Leonard doesn't like to stay in DMC at night.
Cos got PS meeting.
So today, we decided to 'siam' to vivocity to have dinner.
So long never eat Carl's Jr liao, hence the decision to have that for dinner.
The queue was rather long so I helped Leonard to order his together.
We had separate meals. (Carl's Jr meals are cheaper if shared. )
When it was my turn in the queue to order, I told the manager my orders and told him all normal meal.
Leonard wanted criss-cut fries for his meal instead of the normal fries.
Then I got stunned.
The manager took out 2 different size cups.
1 is meant for the normal size meal, the other was superly large.

So the following was what I told the manager:

Me: er... both meals are the normal meals

Manager: Yah. The smaller cup is for the portebella burger (mine) while
the big cup...
??????????... criss-cut fries...???????

Me: er... ok

I wasn't just me who got stunned.
Leonard was shocked to see the size of the cup when I told him that the big one is his.
In fact, even Nicholas and Yitleong were shocked at the size.
And we started to shoot the comparison with our handphone cameras.

Size compared with the pepper shaker.

Now, Yitleong's phone is included in the comparison.

It's huge like the Super Big Gulp at 7-Eleven.

Still stunned,


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