Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm in the Rubik's craze too

Suddenly, I'm interested in learning how to play rubik's cube.
I've seen this thing when I was young.
My grandmother house got one and I don't even knew how to play it back then.
All i knew was that I can turn the things around and jumble the colors up.
And suddenly, you start hearing on the news how fast people can the cube

There are a few kind of Rubik's cube: (that i know of)

The more commonly used one will be the 3x3 cube.
The pros will know about 200+ methods to solve the cube.
Only 1, and it's the free step by step guide I got from Toys-R-Us, where I bought by cube.

And my Prof. happened to tell me that he can solve the 5x5 cube and so does his daughter (still a primary school student).
Trying to learn more methods,

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