Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Looking for Car?

Been very bored lately.
Couldn't think of what to do.
So I decided to check out the different new cars on sale at sgcarmart.
After browsing a few of the car brands in mind, these are the few picks that I like.

Chevrolet Optra Magnum Sedan 1.6L
$56,888 (A)
$53,888 (M)
Fuel tank capacity: 60L
Fuel consumption: unknown

Chevrolet Aveo Sedan
$52,188 (A)
$49,188 (M)
Fuel tank capacity: 45L
Fuel consumption: unknown

Mitsubishi Lancer
EX 1.5 Elegance: $58,988 (A)
Fuel tank capacity: 59L
1.6 (A) $49,988
1.6 (M) $48,488
1.6 Sports (A) $53,988
1.6 Sports (M) $50,488
Fuel tank capacity: 50L
Fuel consumption: unknown

I feel that the front is really ugly for Elegance.

Nissan Sunny 1.6L
1.6 EX FL (A) $54,500
1.6 EX FL (M) $52,000
1.6 SS FL (M) $58,500

Mazda 3
This one I tried once and feel that the car is not fuel efficient.
It's like a patrol drinker car.
Another thing is that sometimes, the car refuses to accelerate further at 40km/h.
Other than that, the car is rather smooth to drive.

The cars are expensive and I estimated that with my salary as a teacher, it'll take 4+ years to save that amount of money at $1k per month.
On top of that, there's road tax, radio tax, car plate, patrol, maintenance cost involve.
When will I get my car?



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