Monday, September 21, 2009

Bukit Timah Mountain Biking Trail

After walking through the Dairy Farm Nature Park, I decided to take the mountain biking trail.
I have no idea what made me do it but I after some time of walking, I started to regret.
Another worrying part was that the sky does not look promising.

At the initial part of the walk, I saw a few opportunities to shoot macro.
The subjects are mostly grasshoppers.
Other than the grasshoppers, I could find anything else, except for the orb spider.

Grasshopper 1

Orb Spider

Grasshopper 2

Grasshopper 3

The above shots were taken within a close area from each other.
Hence, I was shooting for only a small part of the journey.
Whereas the rest of the journey was spent walking up slopes and down slopes.

Finally, I reached an open ground.
This is my first time actually seeing the open ground at the biking trail.
And now I know where the rock climbing area is.
During the trip, there were 2 groups of people doing rock climbing and I took one shot of it.

Rock climbing area

The reason why I took the biking trail was that I thought it would be a faster route to get to the quarry side.
However, after walking through the trail for don't know how long, I decided to give up.
Partly because I saw that I had to walk further down slope and up slope to get to the quarry, secondly was the weather getting hotter and hotter as it was early noon time.
Hence, I decided to call it a day and enjoy lunch at the Railway Mall.

Just keep walking,

Dairy Farm Nature Park.

After seeing the opening of a new nature park, I wanted to visit the place.
The newly opened park is Dairy Farm Nature Park.
It is situated behind Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, next to dairy farm road.

The good thing about the place is that I have a bus from my place to there.
The bad thing, dairy farm nature park is situated rather far back from the main road.
To get to the park from the main road, there is actually a nature trail in, which hikers and cyclist will take.
There are interesting things to see at the nature trail.

The walk on the trail from one carpark to the other caroark took about 15min.
What made it worst was the need for me to go to the toilet and there was none in sight.
After the toilet break, I continued the journey to the old Dairy Farm place.

Just outside the Daiy Farm visitor center sits an old abandoned PUB house.

There was a really steep slope after the visitor center.
After the tiring walk up the slope, I was greeted by an old broken down house.

Outside the house, I can see a few dragonflies flying around but they were too fast and not staying on plants to allow me to shoot them. Perhaps it's the noon time and they are very active.
After visiting the house, I went to take a look at the Wallis' Trail.
Just before the entrance to the trail, I saw some flowers that looked like orchids.

Then I saw another interesting subject to shoot.

I was rather difficult to take pictures with the macro lens as I can feel my body swaying even though I was standing still.
Also, the walk was rather tiring and my arms were quite tired from holding the equipment.

Nonetheless, Dairy Farm Nature Park is a great place to go.
However I find it a bit small and disappointing as it did not turn out what I thought I will be.



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