Monday, May 07, 2012

Amazing Serapong

Today I visited a very special place - Sentosa Serapong. Located next to a golf course and overseeing Pulau Bryani, it is a natural reef full of maine life to see.
We had the privilege of having 3 staff from Sentosa to join us in this trip. The actual venue is quite some distance from our meeting point and we had the pleasure of getting to the place via buggies. 

The first task is to "slide" down the high sea wall of Serapong. This is my first time to get my butt involve, seating on the sloping and slippery rocks of the sea wall and slowly sit my way down the wall. It was kind of fun and I got worried of hitting the nerites on the rocks near the sandy portion. There is just so many things to talk about.

The first thing I documented is the big parasol green seaweed (Caulerpa peltata). Each stalk of this seaweed looks like a unbrella.
Big parasol green seaweed (Caulerpa peltata)


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